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Modern Non-Fiction

The Hacker Crackdown
By: Bruce Sterling

Yes, this is legit! This is a copyright work by Bruce Sterling with permission to distribute in electronic format. Read his preface and read this book.

The Jargon File
By: Eric S. Raymond and Guy L. Steele Jr.

From abbrev to wannabee here is the definitive list of computer and hacking terms. A lot of fun to browse and a real help for finding the right term.

English to Indonesian Dictionary
By: Ken Mattern

Just what you were waiting for. The first English to Indonesian Dictionary (Engris Indonesia Kamus) for Microsoft Reader!

The Civilization of Illiteracy
By: Mihai Nadin

The spectacular but unsettling reality of faster cycles of change, breakdown of traditional values and institutions, and many other symptoms of technological innovation-what makes these necessary is the subject of this thought-provoking book. All the good intentions of educators, scholars, politicians, and policymakers will fail if they do not recognize why literacy as a dominant framework of human activity is no longer adequate. The current dynamics of human activity is without precedent. It is not the result of technology, but of deeper forces of change. The answer to the failure of many seemingly eternal institutions-government, family, education-is not improvement in the traditional sense, but a fundamentally new perspective. The digital paradigm underlying the new civilization provides a basis for this perspective. But it will be misapplied unless understood within the broader framework of the driving forces behind human activity.
From the AuthorThis book is as much about language and literacy as it is about everything pertaining to it: family, politics, the market, war, sports, old and new media. It is about the process of cutting the umbilical cord that binds people to literacy. We live in a world of a dynamic never before experienced in history. In this world, many new literacies, of shorter duration, override the need and possibility of one encompassing literacy. The sense of permanence and eternity that this literacy instilled prevents us from making the best of technological progress. It is no wonder that it is disintegrating. The new literacies provide means for human interaction appropriate to achieving probably the most radical forms of individualism and the most intriguing means of social interaction. We are in for a ride that can only get more exciting. Those who insist on bringing along the baggage of their literate prejudices will get sick at each curve in the road. And they'll miss the many rainbows along the way.
This book Copyright ? 1997 by Mihai Nadin

By: Suelette Dreyfus

Underground is the compelling true story of the rise of the computer underground and the crimes of an elite group of hackers who took on the forces of the establishment.
Tracing an international ring of computer hackers which spanned three continents and nearly a decade of computer crime, author Suelette Dreyfus weaves a gripping tale against a backdrop of cutting edge technology. Underground uncovers the previously hidden story behind hackers from 8LGM, The Realm, the publishers of International Subversive and other linked Internet hacking groups. These elite hackers were the cream of the international computer underground and broke into tens of thousands of computers, belonging to some of the world's most prestigious institutions including Citibank, the Pentagon, NATO, the FT 100, NASA, Lockheed-Martin, Deutsche Telekom and Australian Telecom. After hacking the Defence Data Network's NIC, some had total control over the most important computers on the Internet - computers which would let them stop communications across the entire net. They divised methods of making free and untraceable telephone calls to hide their activities, invented worms, stalked, hacked and thumbed their noses at security experts such as Eugene Spafford & Cliff Stoll and reporters from the New York Times. They monitored the police -- while the police monitored them. The hackers came from all walks of life, gathering on-line in Germany from Australia, Europe, the UK, the US and Canada, to pursue their targets with an obsessive fervour.
Irreverent, sometimes brilliant and always obsessed, many of the hackers found themselves addicted to their illegal behaviour. Some fell to drug addiction and madness, others were convicted and jailed for their crimes.
Riveting as the finest detective novel and meticously researched, Underground follows the hackers through their crimes, their betrayals, the hunt, raids and investigations by the Australian Federal Police, the FBI, the Secret Service, the DST (French Secret Service) and Scotland Yard, and the resulting trials; their life on remand, on the run accross America, in prison, mental hospital and beyond.
Based on more than two years of writing and research drawn from hundreds of exclusive interviews and telephone intercepts and over 30,000 pages of court documents, Underground is the first hacking book published out of Australia and the only one to delve into the mind and world of the international computer hacker. Critically aclaimed, it has been said that Underground is the only book to examine the computer underground with real depth and insight.
Copyright ? 2001 Suelette Dreyfus

Needles of Stone
By: Tom Graves

Published in the 1970s, Tom Graves' seminal book Needles of Stone first identified ancient power-points (stone circles and standing stones) as the acupuncture points of the Earth. This is an archaeological energy-dowser's classic, covering energy-leys, underground water, the construction of megalithic sites and how to research these matters yourself.

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