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Adult Themes

Crome Yellow
By: Aldous Huxley

An interesting first book for a renowned author. Crome Yellow is a wonderful introduction to Huxley's story-telling talents. The scenes were so meticulously laid out I felt I was watching a movie in my head. Crome was also a wonderful introduction to Huxley's knack for detailed characters. His writing style pulls you into the characters and the world of the book.
Crome was a fabulous exploration of human sexual desire. The yearning, the attempts, the exploits, even the destruction of a man. All who have ever desired another can certainly relate to this one.

A Day At The Beach and Other Stories For Adults
By: Anonomous Authors

Someone once said to me, 'If you can publish Fanny Hill then you can certainly publish some modern erotic stories.' After a long struggle I decided to publish this set of stories. As the title says these are for adults. If you are not interested in this type of content, please do not download the book. My logs will tell me how many do download this book. I'm interested in seeing the results.

The Reef
By: Edith Wharton

A challenge to the moral climate of the day, The Reef follows the fancies of George Darrow, a young diplomat en route from London to France, intent on proposing to the widowed Anna Leath. Unsettled by Anna's reticence, Darrow drifts into an affair with Sophy Viner, a charmingly naive and impecunious young woman whose relations with Darrow and Anna's family threaten his prospects for success.
Whatever you think of 'The Reef,' it contains one of Edith Wharton's most wonderful scenes. Our 'hero' has been dallying for a while in a hotel with the young girl he picked up on the boat dock, and he's wearying of her. We see his boredom and disillusionment through his reactions to the mere sounds she is making in the next room. He is so familiar by now with her habits and movements that he knows what she's doing without actually seeing her. A gem of a scene, in a strange jewel of a book.

Fanny Hill
By: John Cleland

The memoirs of a lady of pleasure. 'Fanny Hill has been frequently suppressed since its initial publication in 1749. This story of a prostitute is known both for its frank sexual descriptions and its parodies of contemporary literature... The U.S. Supreme Court finally cleared it from obscenity charges in 1966. ' Quote Courtesy Banned Books On Line

Arlyn and Krisdevon
By: Magdvin Cszgarna

I have not had the opportunity to read this book but it is fairly well written. It appears to be a fantasy/romance. As I have the time I will prepare a real synopsis. Note: It does have adult themes.

Break Down
By: Magdvin Cszgarna

In 1994 Magdvin Cszgarna next generation submitted a script to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Unfortunately, the show already had been canceled, and the script never was produced. The following is the original submission letter followed by the script. Dear Sir, The enclosed script is based on an idea not like any I have seen previously. The premise is that in intergalactic space there are very old and advanced creatures who earn their living towing broken down starships back to their ports of origin. It is about time the Enterprise broke down and was rescued… for a standard, rather expensive fee. One more thing: One of these old, advanced creatures is fascinated by sex, which it has never previously encountered. In order to offer Troi something in her quest for an understanding of men, it offers to make her one for as long as she likes. It may not be as funny as The Trouble with Tribbles but I hope you will find Break Down amusing. The second half, the sexy part, plays gently with all the long implied sexual natures of the main characters. Read aloud it runs 53 minutes. Sincerely, Magdvin Cszgarna Note: This book is available only for Kindle

By: Magdvin Cszgarna

Hekuba talls the story of the Trojan Wars that Homer never told. This is the back story told by the slave and formerly Queen Hekuba. Here is told all the pain and tragedy that befell the Trojans, all because of an infatuated young man. Note: This book is only available for Kindle

The One That Got Away
By: Magdvin Cszgarna

The One That Got Away was written in 1981 and 1982 long before Forrest Gump or The Silence of the Lambs. It was revised slightly in 1989 to reflect the collapse of the Soviet Union. What is interesting about attempts to publish it is not that it was rejected by every major publisher but the nature of the rejection letters it received. Typical of these was one by Bob Guccioni of Penthouse who wrote, 'This is really well written, but it's too weird for me. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.'
     It really does seem to violate a lot of boundaries.

Maid in Boston
By: Paula Corbett

A romantic story of a farm girl who moves to the big city of Boston to work for a high tech company. She enters an entirely new world of romance, excitement, and big city ways.

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