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Project Trinity
By: Carl Maag and Steve Rohrer
The race was on as World War II was drawing to a close. The United States and the Germans were competing... competing to produce the first atomic bomb. In the end we came to understand that the race was not as close as we suspected, but never the less the United States did produce the first atomic weapons - and used them.
The world has not been the same since.
And now in the early days of the twenty-first century the dragon of terror raises it's ugly head. The most prosaic and common of objects were turned into lethal ballistic missiles; airliners. And the targets were buildings packed with people. Following that episode the terrorists turned to biological attacks as they attempted to instill fear into the civilized world. What weapon will be next? We know that there are those who are trying to create their own nuclear weapons. Let us pray that they never succeed.
Here in this slim volume are the unclassified documents surrounding the creation of the first atomic weapons of mass destruction. Though the reading is dry at times, it is well worth our while to read - and to understand. Because if we could do this nearly sixty years ago, it is even more possible that renegade forces can do it today.
We are the targets and this is the weapon.
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