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Writings of Magdvin Cszgarna
Presenting the first:

Arlyn and Krisdevon

   I have not had the opportunity to read this book but it is fairly well written. It appearsw to be a fantasy/romance. As I have the time I'll prepare a real synopsis. Note: It does have adult themes.

Thurina and Krin

   This is a nice short story in almost a fairy tale format. It tells of the love of Thurina and Krin and how they promised themselves to each other and no one else. The story takes place in an imaginary place where magic is still possible. Definitely a worth while read.

MC, please email me.

May We Recommend

Barry Lyndon
By: William Makepeace Thackeray
Meet Redmond Barry, the proud offshoot of a boozy clan. A handsome Irish upstart, he aspires to the rank of gentleman. He duels, drinks, spies, deserts (from two armies), gambles, cheats, lies and chases every skirt - all with impeccable honor, to hear him tell it.
Young Barry is never more gallant than in pursuit of Lady Lyndon, most sought-after heiress in England. And what lady could refuse her hand - and money - to so magnetic a charmet.
But great rank and wealth - so boldly won, so gloriously squandered - are not to last. Barry Lyndon must yet face the loss of his fortune, the revolt of his stepson, the collapse of his marriage, the death of a beloved child...
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