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  Christopher Columbus by Filson Young As children in America we all grow up knowing who Christopher Columbus was. It was he who "discovered" America - or at least the New World. Of course he wasn't trying to prove the world was round. that was already a pretty well accepted theory at that time. Instead he was seeking a short route to the Asian continent, encompassing what we today know as China, Viet Nam, Indonesia (The Dutch East Indies and more.) But, of course we all know what happened. But after that we really don't know much about what happened to Columbus. What little history we learn in elementary school is romanticized and does not go deeply into Columbus' life beyond the basics.
Well at the turn of the century, Filson Young wrote an eight book biography of Columbus. A veryt ambitious project, and well worth the work. For example it was Young who grieved deeply at the state of the Admiral's mental health and lamented about the "Libro de las profecias,"
Good Heavens! In what an entirely dark and sordid stupor is our Christopher now sunk--a veritable slough and quag of stupor out of which, if he does not manage to flounder himself, no human hand can pull him.
Now here in one volume is everything you ever wanted to know about christopher and a whole lot more. You may be surprised!

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