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  Against Apion by Flavius Josephus Flavius Josephus writes a defense of Judaism, answering an attack by a Roman author named Apion.
We possess understandably few remnants of the ways in which subject nations responded to Roman disdain. In most cases only the ambiguous witness of material culture gives us access to the voices of the colonised. All the more precious, therefore, is Josephus’ Against Apion, where a knowledgeable spokesman for the Judaean tradition is bold enough to answer back to his cultural critics and skilful enough to do so in terms calculated to win Roman attention. In observing how Josephus deploys Roman stereotypes of Egyptians he unearths some facets of his rhetorical strategy and to illuminates thereby the cultural and political stance he adopts in re-presenting the Judaeans to his Roman or Romanised readers.
Courtesy: John M.G. Barclay

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